World of Whorecraft (dwarfporn) wrote,
World of Whorecraft

The Rake.

I have decided that I really, really want this guy, The Rake, as my pet for Gerlinde - not only is he a very gorgeous lion, but his attack speed is nuts! I've been wanting a lion since I made the character, and I found out where they are found, particularly this rare spawn. My main problem is this, however - like all lions, he's in Hordelands, particularly in Mulgore northeast of Thunder Bluff. Does anyone know how to get there (SAFELY!) as an Alliance player? Would Horde players attack me on sight, or just NPCs? I don't know how PvP works or whether or not it's optional on Perenolde, so this is a concern to me. This is THE pet I want to tame and keep until level 60. Timber is nice, but I think I'm going to stable him a while in favor of the fast lion. He took too much effort to tame just to let him go, and he has the sentimental stuff attached to him being my first pet.

Gerlinde, by the way, hit level 19 last night. :)

The Rake's page on Thottbot. Also, another, bigger map.
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