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wryyyyyyyyyyyyy I dropped 100 bucks on a new video card and renewed my WoW subscription after nearly an entire year of going without, because lugging around stuff at the warehouse has paid off and I can afford new toys now.  That, and all my friends are talking about it again.  Damn them and their peer pressure (or perhaps my weak will?).

Fuck me with a chainsaw, I never thought I'd see the day.  XD  I was shocked to see Gerlinde and Andorus still there, even though I only played a month.  I tried playing a little tonight, but with difficulty since getting a non headache-inducing camera angle with a tablet stylus is an exercise in futility.  Tomorrow I am going to buy a mouse after work, and then work on getting Andy to level 20 so he can get kitton form. >:3

If I'm still hooked by next paycheck, I'm going to invest in Burning Crusade.  >_>;;  Does anybody here still play on Perenolde?  It seems my entire friendslist got erased along with guild info.  I forget who everyone's names are. XD

Tonight Andorus killed some crabs and then got gangbanged by satyrs because the camera fucked up and I couldn't drag my stylus across the tablet fast enough to see what the hell was going on until after he died.  It was an eventful night.  :V
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